Saturday, December 3, 2016

Horror on the Orient Express - Dr Arthur Ambler

Earlier this week I joined my group of Thursday night irregulars to continue our epic play-through of the remastered Horror on the Orient Express for Call of Cthulhu.

I have been playing with this same group of awesome people for around five or six years now. We've been led by our talented GM through a number of campaigns for Call of Cthulhu, including Masks of Nylarthotep and Beyond the Mountains of Madness. Now we're reaching the climax on this latest adventure after kicking off way back in July 2015.

We have been having a fantastic time throughout the campaign with many strange encounters, dramatic fights and madness-inducing horrors. We've only got a few more sessions left for the main campaign, and while all the characters have made it this far (sometimes only just), we may not all make through to the end.

Along our the way our GM has been cataloging our adventures while also reviewing the campaign at the same time. It is a great read, and I can see this turning into a fantastic resource for anyone else who might want to run the campaign one day.

My addition to this group of stalwart investigators is Dr Arthur Ambler MD, a family doctor from Arkham who has been caught up in events beyond his control.

Arthur does bear a striking resemblance to President Taft

Although loud and prone to pomposity, I like to think of Arthur as the father figure of the group. It is usually Arthur who tends to offer-up sagely advice, and who helps patch up the others when they come back battered and bleeding. He is also the one whom tends to make the call about how to proceed next when the group reaches an impasse about the next move.

Arthur is tremendous fun to play, and was a case of having a character emerge pretty much fully formed from when I created him. While I get to add an element of humour to the campaign due to his pompous posturing and his habit of always looking for the next meal, I also get to be a bit of a moral compass for the group.

I find there is something of a wandering hobbit in Arthur. He is a homebody who likes his comforts, but whom is now enduring hardships beyond his imagination far from home on a quest to destroy a cursed item. Although he tends to take more of a background role in physical confrontations, he will mix it up from time-to-time to help his friends.

A hard worn character sheet

Poor Arthur has had a pretty rough time of it. He has been stabbed, shot, punched, chased, poisoned, imprisoned and tortured. He has lost and eye and has been magically aged ten years. It is all a bit much for portly man in his 60s.

Arthur has made it this far (mostly) intact despite all this adversity, so I'm hoping he can ride this train to the very end. It's not going to be easy though, so the next couple of months will tell if he gets to make it back to his quiet life in Arkham or not.

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