Saturday, February 4, 2017

Dystopian Wars - Feilong Sky Fortress

February sees my Chinese Federation force gets some much needed reinforcements in the form of the mighty Feilong Sky Fortress.

A very useful reinforcement
I have had this model kicking around undercoated for some time, but it finally found its way to the painting table to help fill a large unit sized gap in my force. This way I can send my battleship towards the enemy with wanton abandon while (hopefully) keeping my admiral safe in the clouds.

I love the ridiculously design of the Dystopian Wars models 
The Feilong bristles with weapons, including two 270 degree turrets and a nose mounted fore cannon, as well as node projector for its fury generator, allowing it to ignite fires on board enemy ships and aircraft from a distance. This is in addition to its carrier  ability, which allows it to rearm and retask its 6 stands of small aircraft.

Being a carrier makes the Feilong highly versatile
It also carries 10 assault points worth of angry conscripts, giving it a potent boarding threat. What they lack in skill they make up for in raw numbers.

Red, silver and gold are the predominant colours, but the jade green is a nice spot colour
The Sky Fortress is essentially finished, but it could do with a few touch-ups here and there, which I'll get to later in the week. I spent time on giving it a few shades of a lighter red than most of my force, but I think it really helps the model stand out more on the table (now I need to go back and do the rest of them).

It was actually a bit of a pain to assemble, which is probably part of the reason it has remained unpainted for so long. I ended up painting it in pieces before assembling it at the end with a judicious combination of greenstuff and superglue. I didn't pin it, so lets see if that decision comes back to haunt me.

The Feilong on patrol with two Zhulong Interceptors
It took me roughly a week to paint. I was planning to use it for a game this weekend, which I couldn't make in the end (you can read about it though - sounds brutal). This means I am looking forward to getting it to battle next month, maybe with another surprise reinforcement if I get my act together.


  1. Looking good Andy. Does that mean your tiny flyers are getting a re-paint as well>

  2. Yeah eventually. It will be a rolling improvement process, otherwise I'll probably go mad...